This is for all football and vinyl and footballvinyl lovers around the planet. I hope you enjoy.

45football.com is based on my collection of vinyl 7" records on football. I started to upload the files in July 2012, since then I've been about to register the singles week by week.

I'm still happy to find records I haven't known yet, so feel free to get in touch. Also if you have some additional or preciser information on a record. If there's a song on 45football.com you own the copyright of and want it to be removed, please let me know. It was and is impossible to regulate all the copyrights of all the hundreds of records here. Most of the record labels don't exist anymore. 

A very big Thank you to webmaster Fabian Christen. Without his help you would neither see nor hear anything here. 

// Pascal Claude, Zürich



Some of the records at the WC 2006 exhibition "Rundlederwelten" in Berlin
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