Sp.Vg. Blau-Weiß 1890 Berlin
A) Heiss auf Blau-Weiß
B) Heiss auf Blau-Weiß (instrumental)
1986 was the year of the 1st and last promotion of the club to the 1. Bundesliga. After bankruptcy in 1992 Blau-Weiss was founded again under a similar name and had to restart in the lowest local Berlin-league. Not sure about the autographs here.
Club/Team: Sp. Vg. Blau-Weiß 1890 Berlin
Country: Germany
Artist: Bernhard Brink und Blau-Weiß 90
Label: Ed. Cannes
Year: 1986

Heiss auf Blau-Weiß:

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